Qepler | summits & conferences | 2nd Annual Inhaled Drug Delivery Summit | 16-17 September 2021
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Online Conference
16 - 17 September 2021

Conference Overview

The recent years have witnessed major growth in the inhaled drugs market driven by rising prevalence of chronic pulmonary diseases, the evolution of inhaled therapies and technological advancements in device development. Challenges still remain to ensure safe and efficient respiratory drug delivery - including device and drug integration, particle engineering and formulation technologies, clinical studies and regulatory pathways. Our meeting facilitates hands-on experience sharing of successful development of inhaled drug products for enhanced patient care.

The featured talks on

  • Aerosol science and technology for pulmonary and nasal drug delivery. Modelling, simulation, response control, aerosol dynamics, particle engineering.
  • Aerosol deposition: New in vitro and in vivo testing methods. Optimising lung deposition. In vitro – in vivo comparability. Inhalation toxicology studies.
  • Predictive models for respiratory therapies.
  • Microfluidic tissue chips for respiratory health.
  • New therapeutic opportunities. Development and formulation of emerging aerosol medicines: from smart nebulizers to vaccines.
  • Inhaled triple therapy.
  • Pulmonary immune-modulation.
  • Pulmonary hypertension.
  • Paediatric aerosol therapy.
  • Inhaled therapies of repurposed drugs.
  • Chronic lung disease.
  • Respiratory delivery of biologics.
  • Considerations for new pathologies.
  • Regulatory evolution, compliance and considerations. Adoption strategies. Brining device to the market.
  • Preparing for EU MDR implementation and its implications on inhaled combination products. EU MDR Impact on manufacturer.
  • Advanced inhaled drug delivery technologies.
  • Digital Health in IDD: advances in digital technologies, opportunities and associated challenges overcome. Digitalization perspectives for inhaled therapies. Smart devices to enhance patient adherence. Mobile applications in healthcare. AI assistance. Regulatory implications and adoption barriers. Customer side of digital health.
  • Connected digital technologies and next generation combination products.
  • Patient centricity: selecting right device, training and educating patient, transforming the patient experience and adherence.
  • Developing effective training devices. Human centred approach.
  • Life cycle management.
  • Human factors studies implementation. Utilizing HF in device development. HF engineering for medical device development.
  • Inhaled combination product design. New drug design technologies. Technical and usability considerations. Material selection.
  • Analytical approaches and techniques. Drug/device compatibility, safety evaluation and testing.
  • Manufacturing of delivery devices. Applying QBD principles in new inhaled drug development. Risk-based approaches to design and development of drug delivery systems.
  • Powder Dosing and Innovative development of dry powder inhalers: from formulation, through bioequivalence testing, human factor issues, new delivery platforms to final regulatory approval.
  • Developing the metered-dose inhalers: unlocking the market potential and opportunities, targeting therapy, boosting manufacturing process, preparing for the regulations approval.
  • Emerging nebulised therapies and device development.
  • Liquid inhalers: formulation, device design and development.
  • Developing generic inhaled products. A generic manufacturer point of view.

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