Qepler | summits & conferences | 2nd Annual Pre-Filled Syringes Summit, Barcelona, 04-05 June 2019
Event Location:
Barcelona, Spain
To be announced
04 June 2019 - 05 June 2019

The call for speakers is open now.
Please find below the tentative schedule. Speaking sessions will be grouped according to similar themes into blocks and published upon finalizing the agenda, so please check back!

Conference Overview

The global pre-filled syringes market witnesses an exponential growth owing to the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and the demand for self-administered drugs.

Today’s patient looks for simplicity, personalization and instant connectivity, when it comes to self-administered injections.

In parallel, the evolution of biologic parenterals creates unique demands and challenges for the development of a custom drug delivery device.

The featured talks on:

  • The need for integrated development approach. Interface between drug, device and patient.
  • Involving patients into device development program. Translating user needs and capabilities into design inputs.
  • Measuring device usability. Integrating human factors into clinical studies.
  • Perfect employee experience model: rethinking the roles, structure, tools, and strategies to design and deliver an integrated employee experience.
  • Device selection process for a biologic drug. Ensuring compatibility and performance.
  • Designing syringe able biopharmaceuticals. Factors affecting stability.
  • Mixing in liquid/liquid and lyophilized/liquid formulations.
  • Materials selection for next generation PFS. Supply chain control.
  • Extractables and leachables considerations for PFS.
  • Handling glass primary containers. Reducing tungsten residues. Screening for glass breakage.
  • PFS filling and stoppering challenges. A pharma perspective.
  • Assembly of syringes into devices. Needle bonding and adhesives.
  • Integrity testing of PFS.

Meet our Speakers



Harshal Shah

Cambridge Consultants

chaired a panel discussion on the digitisation of clinical trials and next gen injectable devices, with speakers from Novartis, Roche, Janssen, Sanofi, SHL Group and Corvus Device.