Tim Briggs, Leeds Beckett University - Qepler's Highly Potent APIs Summit 2019

Tim Briggs, MA CFIOSH

Course Director Health Safety and
Environmental Management Courses,
Past President IOSH

Leeds Beckett University
Leeds, United Kingdom
Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University has a range of Health and Safety Qualifications that are globally recognised, providing graduates who are employed by many different industries world wide. Franchise arrangements enables the MSc Health and Safety and BSc (Hons) Safety Health and Environmental Management to be delivered in Singapore, Hong Kong and Mauritius.

Tim Briggs is a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner, employed by Leeds Beckett University as the Course Director and Link tutor at Leeds Beckett who manages the franchise arrangements. He has a Masters Degree in Training and Development to complement the PG qualifications in Occupational Safety and Health. His research interests include developing sustainable leadership and employee participation.

Before becoming an academic Tim has safety management experience in Health, Defence Sector, Rail Research and Development and Construction. Tim has consistently promoted developing practitioner knowledge, broadening the scope of skills required for the modern Health and Safety Practitioner, being the founder of the IOSH mentoring scheme for Safety Practitioners. He has mentored practitioners worldwide. He is a champion of classroom based leadership using these skills to develop the new generation of practitioners. These qualities are embedded in the courses run by Leeds Beckett University. Tim is a Past President of IOSH and has more recently Chaired the Professional Standards Committee of IOSH. He is a firm believer in that real knowledge is only really powerful when shared.

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