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Dr. Stephanie Simon, PhD

Head, Genetic Toxicology
Merck Healthcare KGaA
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Stephanie Simon is currently heading the Genetic Toxicology at Merck Healthcare KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. She studied Biology at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany, moved then for her masters and doctoral thesis to the laboratory of Molecular Toxicology of Merck KGaA and received her Ph.D. in Natural Science from the University of Heidelberg in 2006. Since then, she held positions within the department as Quality Representative, Project Toxicologist, Study Director and Laboratory Manager and leads the Genetic Toxicology since 2015. Her focus of expertise is genetic toxicology testing strategies for pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals, including potential genotoxic impurities.

She is member of the HESI Genetic Toxicology Technical Committee (HESI-GTTC), the International Workshops on Genotoxicity Testing (IWGT), the German and European Mutagenicity and Genotoxicity Societies (EMGS) and the German Toxicology Society. In 2006, she was awarded with the German Federal Animal Welfare Research Award for the development of animal-free alternative testing methods.

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in Pharmaceuticals Summit 2023

Genotoxic Impurities in Pharmaceuticals strategies & new methodologies: analysis, in silico & regulations.
  • 09 Mar 2023
  • Virtual,
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Day 2: Friday, 10 March 2023
CASE STUDY: Impact of different rat or hamster S9 fractions on the metabolic activation of low-molecular-weight N-nitrosamines – a comparative analysis
  • Compare metabolic activation of short-chain alkyl nitrosamines at various concentrations of rat or hamster-derived S9 fractions
  • Does the inducing agent (Aroclor vs phenobarbital/beta-naphthoflavone) play a role?
  • Comparative Cyp isoform protein expression analysis of various S9 fractions
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