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Dr. Simona Rocchi

Senior Director - Design for Innovation and Sustainability
Philips Design
Amsterdam, Netherlands
We brings human-centered innovation to the technologies we all rely on for healthcare and healthy living. The products, services and solutions we design touch the lives of millions every day.

Simona Rocchi is Senior Research Director of Design for Innovation and Sustainability at Philips Design.

She manages the global creative direction of various initiatives in product/system innovation and strategic design. She also oversees the development of design services targeting emerging & developing markets, and she consults the Philips Foundation on the topic of social innovation and collaborative design.

Results of her activities have been widely recognized via publications, conference speeches, IPs and prestigious design awards. She is frequently invited to lecture at design and business schools around the world.

Simona holds a PhD in Cleaner Production, Cleaner Products and Sustainability, a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano and an MSc in Environmental Management and Policy from Lund University, Sweden.

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