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Silke Buechl

Deputy Managing Director, Occupational hygienist
Praevena AG
Basel, Switzerland
Praevena AG - Counselling, assistance and services in the field of health management

Silke Büchl is an experienced IOHA certified Occupational hygienist with about 20 years of experience in occupational hygiene. She received the IOHA certified Occupational Hygienist after the postgraduate studies for work and health at ETH Zürich and Uni Lausanne in 2003.

Bevor she started as Occupational Hygienist and deputy of the managing director at Praevena in 2014 she gained experiences in the different fields of occupational hygiene, Safety Data Sheets, Hazard Communication with the focus on occupational hygiene topics as well as participation in the internal board to define of Occupational Exposure Limits at Novartis.

Praevena is a company which provides services in all topics of Occupational Hygiene as well as exposure monitoring.

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