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Sébastien Conilleau, PhD

Customer Success and Delivery Manager
Merck put their patients at the center of everything they do – with the goal to help to improve, prolong, create and make a difference to millions of lives.

Sébastien Conilleau, PhD, is a senior Delivery Manager and Customer Success Manager at Discngine.

Sébastien has over 12 years of experience as an IT consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, during which he participated in delivering more than 10 platforms covering various aspects of the drug discovery process. Throughout his career, he has been acting as a developer, scrum master, auditor, consultant, and project manager.

Sebastien is proficient in using agile project management frameworks and modern design approaches. Coupled with his scientific background, Sébastien has been a driver in developing Discngine's approach to successfully delivering business process-driven platforms from their inception to final product delivery and support.

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CASE STUDY: How Sanofi scientists streamlined their in silico hazard assessment of potential genotoxic impurities by collaborating with Discngine
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  • Covering ICH M7 value chain from early research team to CMC follow-up activities
  • Tried and tested approach to delivering impurity management platforms from inception to maintenance
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