Ralf Neubert, Research Link Consulting Ltd. - Qepler's R&D Transformation Summit 2018

Ralf Neubert

Senior Director Innovation & Technology,
Schneider Electric Industry
Business Unit.

Schneider Electric
Würzburg, Germany
Schneider Electric

During Ralf’s more than 20 years career with Schneider Electric he has held several positions in R&D and marketing, working on innovations such as the world’s first software agent-based factory automation system in mid 1990s. He has held several international positions in France and USA such as chief architect for numerical control (CNC) business and international marketing leader. In more recent roles Ralf led the definition and implementation of solution interfaces for Schneider Electric’s leading EcoStruxureTM architecture. Currently he is focusing Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) technologies and is responsible for system and offer interoperability, R&D efficiency and platform programs. He is the inventor of several patents, member of IEEE ETFA series Industrial Advisory Committee and recognized as a Senior Edison Expert within Schneider Electric.

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