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Paul Michael

FastWorks & DFSS Leader Life Sciences
GE Healthcare, UK
Cardiff, United Kingdom
GE Healthcare, UK

Paul Michael is a FastWorks & DFSS Leader for a global innovation team, within GEHC Life Sciences CTO Office. Paul is a FastWorks Coach and certified DFSS Master Black Belt with a Doctorate in Molecular Cell Biology.

He has authored 12 peer-reviewed publications and holds 8 granted patents. Paul has 25 years of management experience aligned with over 30 years developing products for the Life Sciences Industry to accelerate molecular and precision health. He and his team act as global change agents, focussed on customer problem-driven innovation to ensure product design excellence and business development.

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R&D Transformation
Summit 2018

Review and apply the latest solutions and technologies for greater R&D process efficiency and speed to market.
  • 27 Sep 2018
  • Berlin, DE
  • Technology
Day 1: Thursday, 27 September 2018
WORKSHOP: Culture change to support R&D transformation towards radical innovation.

R&D organizations are often well aligned to deliver on budget and in time for incremental innovation, exploiting near term business opportunities with relatively low risk. The culture needed to support such an organization is often prohibiting the exploration of completely new and radical innovation.

We in GE embed entrepreneurial best practices into our R&D management discipline, a test & learn mind-set to transform the way we work.

We will propose cutting-edge approaches to radical innovation and invite discussion for what culture change is required, what experiences the audience can share and how best can we manage both exploitation & exploration that is needed to be successful in a rapidly growing economy with increasing uncertainty.

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