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Mike Shevelev

Technology Director
Gyrotron Technology, Inc.
Philadelphia, USA
Gyrotron Technology, world leader in developing Gyrotron beam-based technology, committed to help its customers to find the best heating process solutions.

Mike Shevelev is the Company’s Technology Director since 1999. He is a technical projects manager with thirty years’ experience in the gyrotron application, new process development, industrial commercialization and technical team leadership.

He leads company research activities and the design of industrial gyrotron installations as well as glass laminating equipment.

Mike published several articles and he is the author of many patents and patent applications.

Before moving to USA he worked for Paton Welding Institute in Kiev, Ukraine.

He received his degree in Applied Physics and graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia in 1984.

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  • 27 Mar 2019
  • Berlin, DE
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Day 1: Wednesday, 27 March 2019
CASE STUDY: New Way of Glass Bending with Microwave Beam.
  • Comparison volumetric heating using the microwave beam versus traditional heat processing.
  • Modern high power microwave generator - gyrotron, the source of the microwave beam.
  • Controllable heating for large glass sheets by scanning the beam.
  • Advantages of using a microwave beam for gravity and press bending: complex shapes, no gap while bending, low distortion, ability to produce bullet proof, ultra-thin, and special automotive glazing.
  • Video footage of fast and controllable glass bending using microwave beam.
  • Commercial experience with microwave technology for bending complex windshield shapes.
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