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Michal Dunaj

R&D Director EU Research Operations
Telekom Innovation Laboratories
Berlin, Germany
Telekom Innovation Laboratories

Michal Dunaj is R&D Director in Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs), an applied research and exploration Lab in the Deutsche Telekom Group (DT).

Dunaj holds a Ph.D. in management of innovation, where he addressed innovation barriers in networked applied research.

Today he indeed connects industry-academia for T-Labs and oversees research operations and trials in DT footprint countries. His passion and purpose in work is #exploration, #creative leadership, #technology inclusion, #intelligent automation.

Michal is open to share and learn ideas leading to creative leadership in technology. One method he developed is the extreme exploration, combining bi-sociation and low cost digital makers approach.

This summit’s interactive session will provide more than one perspective on intelligent automation and it will reflect humanizing approach to process optimization

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  • Know-how from different domains, low cost ideation & experimentation
  • Inspire and motivate people to join us in our activities in Extreme Exploration highlighting the message
  • Promote inclusion technologies in automation

What is Extreme Exploration?

  • Extreme exploration attracts and drives the innovation in our applied research network in cost efficient way. This approach provides value in solving challenges such as; lack of new ideas, no „fresh“ minds & out-of-the-box thinkers, creativity gaps, Breaking silos, cuttingedge ideas and transfer.
  • It is an approach to explore together with very few selected universities and institutes deeply a very few selected scientific domains which are extremely far away from anything existing globally, complex, literally unexplored and futuristic.
  • But – with very strong (business) impact. It is about being at the cutting edge what is not tomorrow, but day after tomorrow.
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