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Mattia Wiedemeier

Commercial Director
Schedio SA
Swiss based company specialized on design and supply of jet mills (spiral and opposite type) and isolators for containment or aseptic use.

Mattia Wiedemeier is a pharmaceutical professional with over a decade of experience in micronization and handling of high potent compounds. He has an established background in the industry, having worked in both mid and large CDMOs. Throughout his career, he has played a key role in expanding the reach of these organizations worldwide. As the current head of the sales and marketing division at Schedio, Mattia is responsible for driving growth and success for the company. He is also a respected voice in the industry, regularly contributing articles and white papers on the subject of micronization and high potent compounds. Mattia looks forward to sharing his insights and expertise with attendees.

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WORKSHOP's Day: Friday, 24 February 2023
CASE STUDY: What are some hidden risks associated with isolators?

Pharmaceutical and fine chemical entities may not fully consider potential hazards associated with the usage of glove boxes and isolators when conducting operations with hazardous materials. To ensure optimal safety protocols, it is imperative to prioritize operator safety and minimize the probability of incidents or suboptimal product development.

This presentation will uncover the hidden risks associated with isolators and discover the Schedio approach of putting safety first.

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