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Luca Sacchi

Head of Innovation Committee, SVP Product Strategy
Milano, Italy

Luca Sacchi, Chief Innovation Officer: A background in design and philosophy of science, founded and became CEO of Kaptus, an AI software development company that provided it’s services to companies like ENI and DHL.

Kaptus was then acquired and he moved to design innovation consultancy working for European and US companies like Continuum Innovation. Within Continuum, after working in the Boston Headquarters, he moved to Shanghai for the office stasrt-up and Milan as VP and director of the EMEA region where he followed projects for clients like Samsung, Keurig, iRobot, Haier, Nestlé, BBVA, Procter & Gamble, Henkel.

As SVP in the Piaggio Group he is in charge of the Strategic Innovation department with a team working of mid and long term research regarding social and technological trends, consumer analysis and concept development. He is also in charge of special projects like Vehicle Sharing Services, Light Urban Mobility and Electric Bikes Projects.

He’s also the CIO and Board Member for Piaggio Fast Forward, a separate venture based in Boston working on highly disruptive mobility projects – other board members include John Hoke VP Design in Nike, Nicholas Negroponte, Jeff Lynell, Greg Lynn.

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