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Jason Creasey

Managing Director
Maven E&L Ltd
Stevenage, United Kingdom
Jason Creasey an Expert Consultant and subject matter expert in E&L (extractable and leachables)

Jason Creasey is a graduate Analytical Chemist. He has recently setup as an independent consultant providing advice in the area of extractables and leachables, after working for GSK in the area of extractables and leachables since the mid 1990’s. Over that time, he has seen demand in this area grow exponentially and Jason has held roles of increasing seniority relating to the support that GSK has given to extractables and leachables (E&L).

Before setting up Maven E&L Ltd, he was the director of a team of analytical chemists who are responsible for GSK’s global R&D support for E&L activities across a wide range of product types and modalities. This included; biopharmaceutical and small molecules including Inhalation, Parenteral and Cell & Gene Therapy use. He has had the pleasure of commenting on PQRI guidelines on E&L for GSK, the E&L section in EMEA guidelines on inhalation and nasal products and co-authoring a chapter within a book entitled “Leachables and Extractables Handbook: Safety Evaluation, Qualification, and Best Practices Applied to Inhalation Drug Products”.

Jason has been a member of several external groups concerned with the development of best practice guides for extractable and leachables issues these include; the IPAC-RS material working group, BPOG and continues as a scientific advisor to Extractable and Leachable Safety Information Exchange otherwise known as ELSIE.

Currently he is working and commenting on risk- based approaches to E&L requirements, which he hopes will form part of an ICH guidance in the not too distant future.

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