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Dr. Hartmut Huebner

Head of Communications
Siemens Financial Services GmbH
Munich, Germany
Financing is playing an increasingly important role in facilitating investments in the areas of energy, industry, healthcare and infrastructure.

Hartmut’s ambition is to help companies advance, grow, and be more successful by unleashing the power of communications.

During his 20+ years’ experience, he has executed and developed a wide range of high-impact communication solutions which successfully address change situations across leading international companies. Hartmut joined Siemens in 1999 and accompanied the growth of its global financial services business in various communications roles. The communications team acts as a business partner by guiding the company towards profitable growth, by digitalizing communications and engaging in relevant discussions, and by establishing an open and transparent culture based on agile principles.

Hartmut holds a PhD from the University of Salford, UK. Before joining Siemens, he worked in communications for other financial companies, e.g. the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt.

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