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Dr. Gabriele Rizzo

Lead Scientist, Strategic Innovation and Principal Futurist
Rome, Italy

Professor Dr. Gabriele Rizzo, Ph.D., APF, is a visionary futurist and an enthusiastic innovator.

He is currently Lead Scientist, Strategic Innovation in Leonardo, futurist advisor in NATO, Member at Large for Strategic Foresight, and NATO expert for Cyberspace and Cyber Defence.

A strategist, trusted advisor and author, he held multiple positions over ten years in Engineering staff before moving to Strategy, where he contributed substantially to strategic visions and long-term thinking of United States, Italy, Europe, NATO, large industries and international organizations.

He also serves as Professor of Strategy at the Sapienza University of Rome. He has more than 40 publications to his credit, authored several capstone works on deep futures and was honored with national and international awards.

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