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Emanuele Quintarelli

Partner and 3EO Micro-Enterprise Leader
Rome, Italy
Boundaryless helps global customers with Business Strategy and Organization Design for the age of Ecosystems

For over 20 years, Emanuele has led global teams across sectors, cultures, and continents at the intersection of strategy, change, and technology, to help large complex organizations become not just more efficient but especially more humane.

Well-versed in organization design and new organizational models, he's a practitioner, trainer, and facilitator in Holacracy, Sociocracy, Rendanheyi, Whole Scale Change.

His purpose is to let the full potential of humanity blossom through purposeful, adaptive, and ecoistic organizations. He was previously EMEIA Future of Work Leader at EY.

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& Excellence Summit 2023

Explore best approaches in HR & improve your people management based on the new ways of work, wellbeing & new techs.
  • 20 Apr 2023
  • Virtual,
  • Management
Day 1: Thursday, 20 April 2023
  • Rethinking the organization through self-management and micro-enterprises
  • Getting rid of bureaucracy through ecosystemic contract
  • Learning how to balance extreme power distribution and entrepreneurship with scalability and coherence
  • Exploring Haier’s RenDanHeYi, the most advanced management model in the world
  • How to leverage Whole Scale Change to engage the organization to self-evolve
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