Dr. Margherita Monico, Mérieux NutriSciences Italy - Qepler Summits And Conferences

Dr. Margherita Monico

E&L Senior Project Manager
Mérieux NutriSciences Italy
Global | Merieux Nutrisciences

Graduated in 2010 in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Padua, Margherita Monico has also obtained a Master's degree in Biotechnology for Business at CUOA Business School. In Mérieux NutriSciences since 2019, she is the Senior Project Manager dedicated to designing and supervising Extractables & Leachables studies, and also provides customized courses and webinars on the subject.

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3rd Annual Extractables &
Leachables Summit 2023

Get the latest updates in regulation, analytical testing, risk & safety assessment, biocompatibility.
  • 11 Oct 2023
  • Virtual,
  • Pharma
Day 1: Wednesday, 11 October 2023
CASE STUDY: Taking a step further in your Extractables & Leachables testing
  • Optimizing information gathering to improve study management
  • Implementing target compounds databases
  • Addressing the unknown (with case studies)
  • Simulation study v. leachables assessment (with case studies)
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