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Dr. Daniel Latham

Head – Device Development & LCM, Device Development & Commercialisation
Basel, Switzerland

Daniel Latham is the Head of Device Development & LCM, where he leads an organisation of around 120 associates responsible for the development and life cycle management of delivery systems of drug/device combinations for both new biologic entities, biosimilars, and new chemical entities.

Over the past 11 years at Novartis, he has overseen significant device and primary packaging developments and launches and has significantly supported the growth of device development and drug/device interaction within the organisation.

Prior to Novartis, he worked in a variety of roles in consumer health¬care, focusing on the development of OTC medicines, transdermal patches, and medical devices.

He has a Ph.D. in controlled drug delivery from Queen Mary, Uni¬versity of London and a bachelor’s degree and master’s degrees in engineering from the University of Sheffield.

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