Bram Jongen, Datwyler Pharma Packaging International NV - Qepler's Pharmaceutical Lyophilization Summit 2019

Bram Jongen

Head of R&D, PPS
Datwyler Pharma Packaging International NV
Limburg, Belgium
Datwyler Pharma Packaging International NV

After his Masters in Polymer Chemistry at the University of Louvain, Belgium, Bram Jongen acquired a Ph.D. in Water Soluble Polymers used for advanced drug administration.

Bram started as Technical Support Manager for Datwyler about 14 years ago, supporting customers in a vast area, from Western European countries to countries like India, Korea, and South Africa. Thereafter, he headed the Global Product Introduction & Support team, a global team of highly experienced and educated people, having each their own expertise in the world of pharmaceutical closures. Bram himself acquired profound Extractables & Leachables expertise. His team managed customer projects of technical nature and supported Datwyler’s product and portfolio management.

Since end of 2012, he has been acting as Head of R&D, leading a group that focuses on developing new rubber and new coating materials.

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Pharmaceutical Lyophilization
Summit 2019

Discuss best practices in tech & regulatory updates, process, formulation, testing, monitoring and new products development.
  • 13 Feb 2019
  • Prague, CZ
  • Pharma
Day 2: Thursday 14, February 2019
CASE STUDY: Container Closure Integrity Testing using deterministic techniques like He-leak.
  • Highlights of the different test methodologies
  • He-leak & Laser Based Headspace Analysis techniques

Day 2: Thursday 14, February 2019
CASE STUDY: Smart rubber stopper selection for Lyophilization.
  • Selection of a rubber stopper design intended for lyophilisation purposes
  • Reduction of stopper stickiness to lyophilisation shelves
  • Effect of the rubber formulation on moisture content
  • Low moisture rubber formulations and effect on the freeze-dried cake, combining different methods
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