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Alex Fryer

Public Speaker

United Kingdom

Alex has spent the majority of his career in the IoT space.

He has previously had the responsiblility of global IoT market development in the retail and finance verticals, in which he was advised someof the largest global retailers and banks on the opportunities presented by the IoT, as well as shaping the sectors´ view on such emerging technologies.

Alex is passionate about the change digital can enable particularly in the B2C sectors.

“Retail and banking are consistently amongst the top adopters of new technologies, driven by the exponentially increasing consumer demand to which they must cater.

I believe the IoT will have a profound impact on these sectors over the coming few years, I am excited to play a role in shaping this future”.

Alex has shared his experience and insight at a variety of industry events across various geographies.

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Day 2: Wednesday, 13 March 2019
CASE STUDY: Connected Content - How the IoT provides new opportunities for content delivery.
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