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Alberto Platz

VP Global Talent Acquisition & Engagement
Barcelona, Spain
Swarovski Group

I’m working for Swarovski for almost 32 years; the first eleven years based in Barcelona selling our crystal components in the B2B area, managing the Spanish and Portuguese Markets and the last thirteen years for the Gemstones Business holding several positions as Sales Director in the European and Middle Eastern Territories.

For that role I lived approx. 2 years in Austria and 3 years in Switzerland.

In 2012 I joined the Corporate HR team as the Global Director of Engagement and in addition in 2015 I took over the internal and external HR communication and the talent acquisition topics from a global strategic perspective.

I continue being part of the Spirit Momentum Team, since 2012 our global network, that has as main objective to anchor our Swarovski Spirit values throughout our entire organization.

I tell you something «I’m still very proud to be Swarovski»

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