Qepler | summits & conferences | Workplace Transformation Summit, 22-23 October 2019
Event Location:
Berlin, Germany
To be announced
22 October 2019 - 23 October 2019

The call for speakers is open now.
Please find below the tentative schedule. Speaking sessions will be grouped according to similar themes into blocks and published upon finalizing the agenda, so please check back!

Contact Person: Evgenia Makar
Contact Person: Evgenia Makar, Qepler s.r.o.
Contact Person: Denis Polikarpov
Contact Person: Denis Polikarpov, Qepler s.r.o.

Conference Overview

Today organisations are becoming interconnected, intelligent, collaborative and team-oriented ecosystem. To ensure agile network and strive collaboration and knowledge sharing workplace-related decisions should me made based on teamwork of CTOs, CIOs, CEOs and CHROs. Due to the digitalisation leadership model is rebuilding.

Companies are focusing on creation of flexible and optimized coworking space with the help of IT-infrastructure. Due to direct relationship between employee productivity and wellbeing and job satisfaction, they need to integrate wellness into workplace strategy.

Advanced technologies, as cognitive computing, big data, AI, ML, robotics is reshaping and transforming the nature of work and leading to augmentation of workforce, digitalisation of talent management and employee experience. Innovative technologies allow and help companies to build dynamic environment that empower build next generation of your employees, boost individuals to work smarter, ensure effective collaboration, continued learning, smart time management, engaged and informed remote work with efficient communications, support and easy secured access to the necessary information from any place. Companies embedding analytics, real time applications, feedback tools, wellness apps, employee self-service and other technologies. But complexity is remaining to be in organizational shift.

At the same time digitalisation is rapidly and radically changing workforce, career and L&D infrastructure. Career becomes the journey of continuous learning and development, recruiting – digital experience focusing on talent acquisition. To strengthen employment brand, forge connections with candidates and embed diversity and inclusion companies need to implement and develop new models, technologies and innovations.

The Workplace Transformation Summit 2019 is touching all aspects, techniques, methodologies, tips, tricks and approaches to build agility and create successful collaborative and productive workplace in your company: from organisation and its culture to real estate, space, advanced technologies and future of work, including employee experience and retention, meaningful engagement, diversity and inclusion, talent acquisition, learning and development, wellbeing, mindfulness and wellness.

Meet our Speakers



Harshal Shah

Cambridge Consultants

chaired a panel discussion on the digitisation of clinical trials and next gen injectable devices, with speakers from Novartis, Roche, Janssen, Sanofi, SHL Group and Corvus Device.