Qepler | summits & conferences | Packaging Excellence Summit, 13-14 November 2019
Event Location:
Berlin, Germany
To be announced
13 November 2019 - 14 November 2019

The call for speakers is open now.
Please find below the tentative schedule. Speaking sessions will be grouped according to similar themes into blocks and published upon finalizing the agenda, so please check back!

Contact Person: Evgenia Makar
Contact Person: Evgenia Makar, Qepler s.r.o.
Contact Person: Denis Polikarpov
Contact Person: Denis Polikarpov, Qepler s.r.o.

Conference Overview

Exchange and connect best ideas and approaches in the packaging field. Overview current market trends, best practices and strategic insights in branding, packaging development, design, innovations, advanced technologies, new materials and sustainability. Implement costumer centric innovation in your packaging strategy.

The featured talks on:

  • Forecasting and complying regulatory developments, customer needs and social expectations and views. EU regulations. A holistic approach for the all sides.
  • Satisfying environmental awareness and packaging production processes: challenges, opportunities and sustainable packaging solutions.
  • Providing and improving sustainable packaging. Overcoming challenges to achieve sustainability.
  • Satisfying customer needs through the development of convenient, functional and sustainable packaging.
  • Waste management and systematic elimination via product's lifecycle optimisation.
  • Effective strategies to provide your brand attraction online and on the shelf.
  • Building effective brand storytelling to provide loyalty and emotional connection with a consumer.
  • Integrating FMCG packaging design: a holistic approach to overcome barriers, choose effective agile tools and explore simple design methods.
  • Accelerating connection with customer through packaging.
  • Customer-centred product packaging design and innovation.
  • Design improvement through colour thinking: understanding the psychology, science and impact of colour.
  • E-Commerce packaging and design transformation: delivering user experience.
  • Using creative approach in packaging: customer research and understanding, innovation examples, market trends analysis.
  • Unlocking the latest packaging technologies and innovations.
  • Reviewing the newest materials in packaging: paper, plastics, glass, metals, flexible materials.
  • Flexible packaging: ensuring branding, convenience, functionality and sustainability.
  • Circular materials for sustainability, innovation and brand success.
  • Digital printing implementation for the large-scale production.
  • IoT, smart and electronic packaging and labels.
  • Ensuring packaging that provides product safety, protection and preservation.

Meet our Speakers



Harshal Shah

Cambridge Consultants

chaired a panel discussion on the digitisation of clinical trials and next gen injectable devices, with speakers from Novartis, Roche, Janssen, Sanofi, SHL Group and Corvus Device.