Qepler - Inhaled Drug Delivery Summit, 6 December 2018, Berlin Germany
Event Location:
Berlin, Germany
To be announced
6-7 December 2018

Conference Overview

The recent years have witnessed major growth in the inhaled drugs market driven by rising prevalence of chronic pulmonary diseases, the evolution of inhaled therapies and technological advancements in device development. Challenges still remain to ensure safe and efficient respiratory drug delivery - including device and drug integration, particle engineering and formulation technologies, clinical studies and regulatory pathways. Our meeting facilitates hands-on experience sharing of successful development of inhaled drug products for enhanced patient care.

The featured talks on

  • Regulatory pathways in global respiratory market
  • Future needs for inhaled delivery systems
  • Safe and intuitive solutions for home care treatments
  • Human factor design and connecting technologies
  • Integrated development program for inhaled products
  • Next generation of molecules for pulmonary delivery
  • Preclinical inhalation drug development
  • Challenges of developing a generic inhalation product
  • Particle engineering for pulmonary drug delivery
  • Bioequivalence of inhalation products
  • Analytical tools for inhaled medicines
  • Manufacturing processes and selection of the right parameters

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