Qepler - Automotive Glazing Innovations Summit, 27 September 2018, Berlin Germany
Event Location:
Berlin, Germany
To be announced
27-28 September 2018

Conference Overview

Automotive glass plays an important role in the performance, safety, and aesthetics of the vehicle. High-performance lightweight materials expand design options and the complexity of glazing applications today, with the positive impact on fuel economy, passenger safety and comfort. The global shift towards electric vehicles and autonomous driving shape further the future developments in automotive glazing. Our meeting facilitates hands-on experience sharing with focus on advanced materials and smart technologies for automotive glazing.

The featured talks on

  • Innovative materials and solutions for automotive glazing
  • Lightweight glazing design considerations
  • Polycarbonates for automotive glazing applications
  • Gorilla glass technology for automotive glazing
  • Coated automotive glazings
  • Multilayered hybrid windshields
  • Modern solar control glazings in vehicles
  • Roof systems of the future
  • Glazing for electric vehicles
  • Smart glass: HUDs, augmented reality
  • Automotive glass failure analysis
  • Adhesive systems for glass replacement
  • Vehicle glazing regulations

Meet our Speakers